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Psalm 37 is the New Offense

In the previous edition, “Goodbye Anger,” I introduced Psalm 37 as a new offense to run against anger. What is the main element that produces anger? Evil. One word that describes what we face on this earth.  Evil comes in many forms including gossip, greed, jealousy, selfishness, self-righteousness, lying, and pride, to name a few.  Evil is a disease that no one is immune too. Evil attacks the heart, mind, and mouth. The war that we think is with people is really against evil. Evil, itself opposes all that we are created for.
We are a good work. We were created to do good things. We were made to love. We trust that other people will do the same. When that trust is violated, evil enters.

Sometimes, evil enters our lives by invitation. We let evil into our homes and hearts consciously thinking that we can stop evil before it becomes a problem. On many occasions, evil appears to us masked as a solution. At other times, we do not even see evil coming right at us.

We fail to realize that evil always has a plan to keep the evil going. It gets passed from one person, to the next person, and then the next person. Evil is generational. Evil has an end game- death. Death of someone we love, death of our spirit, death of our family, death of our job, death of our friendships, and death of our future.

Since we are not running an offense against evil, when we encounter hints of or even full-blown evil, we respond with defense. On the defensive side there is thoughts of anger, hate, revenge, destruction, and murder. This defense keeps evil alive and prospering.

We have to understand that evil has no chance of winning no matter how many people it affects. Psalm 37 makes it clear that evil and being wicked are synonymous and actually have no lasting power:

The wicked will soon wither away. (V. 1)
The wicked will soon disappear. (V. 10)
Evil people have a day of judgment. (V. 13)
Evil people will stab their own hearts. (V. 15)
Evil’s power will be broken. (V. 17)
Evil will perish. (V. 20)
Evil people will be destroyed. (V. 38)

Evil is a losing opponent. However, since there are so many evil participants, willing and unwilling, the game continues.

If we look at Psalm 37, we can see there’s a manageable offense that we can run against the evil. This offense consists of changing our perspectives. Offensively, Psalm 37 instructs us to:

Trust in the Lord and do good (V. 3)
Delight yourself in the Lord (V. 4)
Commit your way to the Lord (V. 5)
Be still and wait patiently for the Lord to act (V. 7)
Stop being angry, turn from your rage, do not lose your temper (V. 8)
Turn from evil and do good (V. 27)
Offer good counsel and teach right from wrong (V. 30)
Wait for the Lord and keep his way (V. 34)

When you encounter people with their evil eyes, evil words, and evil ways- save your breath and keep it moving. The Lord will handle it if you put your trust in him. That is how you will keep your peace and score for the winning team in this game of life.

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Goodbye Anger

For years, the Lord was speaking to me about anger. I kept coming back to this scripture: Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper— it only leads to harm. (‭Psalms‬ ‭37‬:‭8 NLT).

I tried to focus on that point: stop being angry, turn from your rage. How could I stop it? Self-control. That’s what the experts say, practice self-control. I had some of that; I was sure of it. So, I started off trying to stay calm in a situation that I would normally be angered by. I counted to 10. I did some deep breathing. I walked away. I showed progress by attempting to overlook wrongdoings. I would rationalize not responding to an insult when I should have said something. I would try to ignore anger altogether.

But, the anger was still there. The problem that I encountered was that I was wrestling not just with my internal anger, but with the outward evil. How dare someone offend me! Anger was the correct defense to respond with right? Then I discovered that calling anger into play wasn’t always working, because outward evil kept reappearing in another form over and over again.

What am I so angry about? The real reason why I’m so angry is because of the unpleasant interactions that I have with people. Maybe you can relate to some of these:

I’m angry because people are clueless about respect.
I’m angry because people are condescending and talk down to others.
I’m angry because people can be bought when a little money is thrown their way.
I’m angry because when people see a good thing happening they want to ruin it.
I’m angry because people are selfish, lazy, and thoughtless.
I’m angry because people lie and lies multiply.
I’m angry because people don’t take responsibility for their actions.
I’m angry because people make excuses.
I’m angry that people take advantage of kindness.
I’m angry because people cause harm and don’t think twice about it.
I’m angry that people are not compassionate, considerate, and caring.
I’m angry that the more I try to do, the more people try to minimize it all.
I’m angry because people judge by what they see, especially regarding color and body size.
I’m angry because all of my efforts are always compared to someone else.
I’m angry because people want to take credit for the work I’ve done.
I’m angry because people always want to be seen and heard, but not listen.
I’m angry because people call themselves preaching, yet practicing hypocrisy.
I’m angry because people who I considered friends are back-stabbers.
I’m angry because anything I try to do is never enough for people.
I’m angry because people do not apologize for their wrongdoing.
I’m angry because people steal everything- physically, mentality, and spiritually.

When God became angry and flooded the earth, it was because of people (Genesis 6). People were out of control. People are still out of control today. People do not know what purpose they serve. They do not understand what they are to live for. People live in willful ignorance. All of that is what fuels unpleasant interactions. Therefore, we have to stop giving people our power.

So anger, I have to say goodbye to you now since I know that your power is derived from people and unpleasant, perhaps evil, interactions.  I know I can never get away from these interactions entirely. I may even create them at times. The way that I am choosing to overcome that is by faith. Having the faith to say no, let people go, and let God help me grow.

Instead of calling that anger defense into play, I’m running a new offense called Psalm 37- it says it all.

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