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Can God Trust Me?

on January 7, 2013


Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and he will help you. Psalm 37:5

As I was writing the blog post, Trust Him, God immediately spoke to me that trust works both ways. He reminded me that I said, “Trust means that there is a “confident reliance” in something or someone. It means that you can rely on someone and that person establishes a confidence with you and vice versa. It means you have a refuge you can rely on at any time. There is security among entities that build trust.” Thus came the question, can God trust me? At first, I had no idea what that meant. Then I realized that it was a valid question since trust works both ways. (Sigh)

Can God trust me? Am I that “go-to” person that He can rely on? I replayed that question in my mind searching for an answer. Digging a little deeper I tried to recall any instances in which God had to trust me to do something. Did I hear Him? Did I do what He asked? Did I ignore His prompting? Did I disagree with Him about doing something? Did I do what I wanted instead?

I had to face the fact that God had every right to question whether or not He could trust me. Given the opportunity to wake up early in the morning and spend quiet time with God- I would probably just sleep in. Given the opportunity to serve- I would probably let somebody else do it because I have enough commitments. Given the opportunity to get something done- I would probably figure it can wait until I get to it. Given the opportunity to help someone- I would probably pass because I’m busy and they have asked me too many times already. Given the opportunity to run an errand for the Lord- I would probably pass as I am comfortably seated and unwilling to move.

It appears that God can trust me just about as much as I can trust people. Sadly, that is not very much. God does trust me with certain things of value. God trusts me to have a spouse and children. He trusts me enough to have a home to live in and a car to drive. He trusts me enough to have friends. God’s trust in me has boundaries. That is gut punch that should get my attention.

How do I get myself in a position where God trusts me more? Just like a child trying to develop a parent’s trust to do more things and go more places is the best example to shed some light on this. Parents want to trust that their children will do what they say and go where they say they will. They want to believe that their child will not be led astray by the people and enticements of the world. That is the same way with God. He wants to be able to trust us to do what He expects.

The key to God trusting me more is getting out of my comfort zone and practicing more obedience. Doing things when God wants them done, especially when I don’t want to do it is sacrificial. Abraham and Moses were chosen servants whose names are forever remembered because of their obedience to God. They were sacrificial. They committed everything to God and they trusted Him. In return, God helped them. God wants me to have the obedience that Jesus had upon going to the cross. He wants me to have a “die to self” attitude on a daily basis.

God will trust me more when there is less of me at the center and more of Him at the center. I have to put aside my own to do list every day and inquire of the Lord what He needs me to do. When I trust God enough to do this, He will trust me more as well. God’s trust should never be taking for granted. Thank you God for helping me realize that trust is a two-way street.


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